7-year-boy disciplined at school for saying ‘Jesus Christ’, mom claims


If you’re a parent to children who have already gone through the school system – or are in the process of doing so – you’ll know that there are few calls you dread more than the one that tells you they’ve been dragged into the principal’s office for bad behavior.
I had a knack for trouble myself, so it seemed like my mom was forever coming into school to meet with teachers and apologize on my behalf for whatever I’d done that week or month.
One mom from Mississippi was left confused, however, when she says she got a call from her son’s school to tell her that he was in trouble for saying the words “Jesus Christ” in class.
According to reports, Shonna Coleman was initially informed that her child had said a “bad word” during one of his lessons.
Yet when she found out what exactly he had said, she was left scratching her head as to why that would land him in hot water, and just what school policy is relating to his alleged breach of the rules.
Taking to Facebook, Shonna shared a written-up report card that her son had brought home from his school, Hope Sullivan Elementary, on the same afternoon.
The report was titled ‘Parent Notice of Disciplinary Incident’, and displayed a number of tick boxes along with reasons as to why the report had been sent.
The report outlined how Shonna’s son had said “‘Jesus Christ’ when he dropped the Legos he was cleaning up from recess.” It also claimed this was “unacceptable language”.
Speaking to FOX13, Shonna explained: “The church said Jesus Christ. Bible study said Jesus Christ.
“Never in my life have I heard at a public school that you cannot say Jesus Christ, and she said it wasn’t that he said the word, it was how he said it because he dropped his Legos.”
Yet in a statement sent to Inside Edition Digital, a school spokesperson argued: “Desoto County Schools students would not be reprimanded for simply saying Jesus Christ.
“While district officials cannot comment on specific student situations, it is possible that a student could be corrected for a disrespectful use of Jesus Christ’s name.”
Needless to say, internet users had plenty to say on the matter, with most of the opinion that if the boy had been punished, the school in question deserved to be criticized.
What do you think? Have the school gone too far here? Let us know thoughts in the comments box.
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