As parents, we strive to educate our children about right and wrong, but often we fail for various reasons. A father recently found out that his daughter had been bullying a student with cancer at school.

The situation escalated to the point where she went as far as taking off the girl’s wig. This made the father very angry, and he decided to handle the situation himself by punishing his daughter in a manner that caused a lot of controversy and various reactions on the internet.

The dad took down the post after facing backlash for his handling of his daughter being bullied.

I have full custody of my 16-year-old daughter with my ex-wife, who has moved on with her new family. Recently, my daughter got in trouble at school for mocking a student who lost her hair from cancer treatment, even pulling off her wig, he shared in his post

It seems like there’s some history of conflict between them, but that doesn’t justify her actions.

They didn’t like each other because his daughter was now dating the ex-boyfriend of the other girl.

The father shared that the other girl mentioned how his daughter’s boyfriend was only using her for sex, which was a big surprise to him since he didn’t know she was sexually active, and called his daughter a derogatory term.

The situation got worse and led to the wig incident. It seems like they have been arguing in class since my daughter started dating the guy. It’s basically silly teenage drama with rumors and gossip.

After discovering what his daughter had done, he presented her with two choices as a way to teach her a lesson. The first option was to destroy all of her belongings, while the second option was for her to go to the salon and get a bald haircut. The daughter chose the latter and shaved her head in order to go to school.

Everyone believes that I went too far. Her mother became extremely angry with me, claiming that it would make her a target for bullying (which was actually the intention, to teach her empathy),” the father stated.

Despite the lack of agreement from others, he believed he had made the correct decision. Numerous individuals expressed their thoughts on the situation. A single individual penned: “Your daughter exhibits bullying behavior due to your own bullying tendencies. I highly question if this is the initial instance where you have employed abuse and humiliation to ‘educate her’.”

Someone else chimed in: “What you did is actually considered child abuse. A more suitable punishment would have been taking away her electronics or grounding her. Disrespecting her bodily autonomy and humiliating her is not the right way to discipline. It’s unlikely she’ll learn from it and it could even lead to a cycle of bullying.”

Some people praised his parenting, saying, “I fully back your decision. You’re the parent, so you can do this. It’s not abusive, it’s reality. If she’s okay with attacking someone for something they can’t control, she needs to understand how it feels.”

Another person who supports her mentioned that she will witness the consequences of her actions on the victim, which will impart a significant lesson to her.

What are your thoughts on this? Was the father’s punishment too harsh? Share your opinion in the comments section.

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